Latest Version: February 14, 2013

Dear user:

We would like to inform you that:

This page describes the data processing methods for the personal data of users who access this site, regardless of their reasons.

Fesfoc Disseny S.L. is committed to protecting the privacy of the user and to the preservation of the personal information provided against access, use or dissemination to unauthorized parties.

This website offers information about the Fesfoc brand, its products and promotions.


The data is carried out by Fesfoc Disseny S.L .. Our headquarters is located at C / Bellevista 20 in Torrelles de Llobregat. Province of Barcelona (Spain).


The data processors are the Director of Engineering as well as the Manager of the firm.


Our site is hosted by Professional Hosting.


The servers of our website only request the user’s browser to provide the information that is strictly necessary to establish communication. In essence, this refers to the data related to the pages visited, the identification of the service provider and the IP (Internet Protocol) used to access the Internet, the date and time the site is accessed and the Internet address. of the website from which the user has managed to direct access to the site.


Cookies are information files, made up of a line of text, which can be saved on the computer during web browsing. The website of Fesfoc Disseny S.L. uses cookies in order to offer a better service. The use of cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of the temporary identification necessary for a safe, efficient use of the site. The cookies used on this site prevent the use of information methods that could potentially affect customer privacy while using the site and do not allow the user’s personal identification data to be collected. You can decide to configure your browser to reject cookies.


This website uses an external web analysis service provided by a third party, in particular by Google Analytics, which uses Javascript technology to analyze how this site is visited. Google Analytics uses the information, including the IP address, generated through the use of the Web by Users, and is stored on the Google Analytics servers, in order to improve the site. Google Analytics may transfer such information to third parties when required by law and when third parties want to act on behalf of Google Analytics. By using this website, the user expresses his consent to the processing of personal data by Google Analytics for the aforementioned purposes.


Fesfoc offers information on Spanish and EU law regarding the collection, use and handling of personal data.

This information guarantees maximum transparency in various aspects, namely:

The objectives of the data processing.

The relative methods of use.

The area of communication of the personal data processed.

The mandatory or optional nature of the information provided.

The addresses and methods that allow the persons whose data is being processed to access and oppose this process, as is their legal right.

Requests, if any, for legal consent.


Unless advised by the subject and if there are no different legal obligations, the data is held only for the period that is necessary to achieve its objectives. If the subject believes, for any reason, that the purpose of this treatment is complete, they can inform us at the addresses indicated below. A company employee will evaluate the request and delete the information.

Access to personal data and the methods of exercising the rights of the subject. We welcome comments regarding privacy from our customers.

If you believe that Fesfoc Disseny S.L. you do not respect the rules described in this policy, please send your comments via the following e-mail:

By using these channels, you can also exercise your rights of access, rectification and opposition of personal data in accordance with privacy laws.


Fesfoc Disseny S.L. reserves the right to update this privacy policy. In this case, the date at the top of the document can be changed, with the title “latest version”.